Comments From Retreat Attendees

 "I ate too much – the food was exceptional!"

 "I walked away with a feeling of connection to other women and knowing we are not alone in our struggles."

"I got a reaffirming burning in my heart that Jesus Christ is the foremost source of living water."

"The handouts, booklets, gifts and agenda were inspiring and so beautifully planned. Your love for the sisters really shined through. Thank you."

"I only came for 1 day and would never do that again.  I recognized that these retreats are empowering and insightful for women and I missed so much not being at the full event."

"It was a feeling of ‘true’ sisterhood."

"It was a spiritual feast – not to be missed.  It was wonderful and I loved it all."

"What an opportunity to truly enrich your relationship with Jesus Christ and with other sisters!"

"The safety I felt at this event with these women is something that wouldn’t occur at any other type of gathering."

"The friendliness of everyone, the openness and not being afraid was a true gift."

"The retreat was totally worth going to, absolutely awesome."

"I gained more strength for myself and love for the Lord."

"Daryll – your had vision and insight about what “I” needed."

"The whole event was just perfect."

"The retreat is a must-do especially if you want answers to your trials."

"I walked away with happiness knowing I can make my life happier because I know I am important to Heavenly Father."

"You just have to go – your eyes will be opened in terms of understanding yourself and others."

"The woman fellowship and openness was exceptional."

"It was a place to find yourself and learn to conquer your fears and trials by supporting one another."

"The retreat helped me to realize my potential and to not be afraid to strive for and succeed in becoming who I am destined to be."

"It was ‘one solving’ - it helped me see inside myself and gave me strength to go on."

"It was refreshing to know other sisters so personally, and to know that they are going through the same struggles as I am."

"It was a spiritual and emotional fulfilling weekend."

"I felt rejuvenated and know I can try harder to be more faithful, forgiving and loving."

"It was important to find what we each hide or deny to ourselves and to others. I found a change for the better happened for this experience."

"I loved all the special and loving details made to make me feel like a Queen so that I could feel the spiritual power, warmth, truth and light."

"You walk away from these retreats with a new awareness of your power and strength as a woman in Christ."

"If you feel your life is missing something……come! You will find yourself; you will find the Savior who will teach you who you really are...a true woman of God, a beloved daughter of our Father."

"This was awesome – it is something every woman needs."

"The massages were amazing and SO relaxing. I would never have thought to have treated myself to this before. I deserved this!"

"Having the speakers stay for the whole retreat and mix with us all made them very real and open to us other than just being there for their presentation."


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