Community Coordinators

We are seeking women who would like to become a Community Coordinator and assist us in creating LDSWA™ communities of women around the world. 

If you are interested please contact


  • build a community of personal LDSWA™ Memberships
  • support and assist at LDSWA™ events and retreats held in your area
  • be willing to contribute to any group conference call held with Founder and other Community Coordinators
  • assist LDSWA™ with marketing services, programs and events
  • attend special Board events when necessary


At a minimum, Community Coordinators will receive the following:

  • discounts on LDSWA™ events
  • advance notice on announcements
  • recognition on website and at events
  • Certificate of Recognition
  • LDSWA™ t-shirt (once you have 25 members in your community)
  • LDSWA™ car window decal (once you have 50 Members in your community)


  • be a member of the Community Coordinator Board and give input on LDSWA’s™ growth and plans
  • test sample products prior to launching
  • attend special Board events
  • participate in conference calls with Founder and other Community Coordinators
  • participate in an incentive award program that is available to all Community Coordinators
  • choose a unique name for your community (must be approved)


Our Featured Community Coordinator


Pam Mills - Oregon City, OR

"When Daryll shared her vision of LDSWA™, I was very excited. This is something that every woman needs, especially LDS women. We need to have a connection with others who have similar challenges and joys in their life. It will be great to connect with other women around the world and share with each other. We all need more positive influences in our lives and I think LDSWA™ will just be a great one."