LDSWA™ presents to you the first Home Party company built for women by women.

From experience we know as women our priority is our family, to be there for our spouse and our children in body and spirit.  However we also know and understand that in today's world it's becoming more the rule than the exception that we need to personally supplement our families income to support our family.  For this reason Damajón™ was born.

You will be able to participate as a LifeStylists and earn good income by building your own business from home by sharing Damajón's™ unique and exclusive product line and services that have been created to bring out The Spirit of You™. You will receive our unique and personalized Life-Shapes™ training and support that has been designed with an understanding of your priorities, a training designed especially for women with faith, standards and values. 

You can also host our 'Simple Escapes @ Home™' giving your friends the chance to have an experience they will not forget!

AND even though Damajón™ was initially created with LDS women in mind - we know you will be happy to share this opportunity with all women of faith to connect, touch and renew their spirit and serve as a springboard for uplifting their lives personally and professionally.

Our pre-launch start April 2nd, 2009 however in the meantime CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION or to get on our mailing list for future updates and announcements. 



"Damajón™ is dedicated to providing a way for women to live and to work in balance and harmony with their families, faiths and communities."