Meet the Founder

It has been voiced that when you spend even a brief moment with Daryll you cannot help but be captivated by her vivacious personality and deep commitment, love and passion for others.

Daryll Jonnson, the founder of LDSWA™, was an international freelance model, graduating at Colorflair Studios and Lascelles School of Deportment, Grooming and Modeling, London UK. She has conducted self-image workshops for both men, women and couples both in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Having a unique and compassionate ability in relating to people from all walks of  life she willingly and openly shares skills and tools, refined through her own life experiences, that enable others to unlock hidden potential and take hold of their divine nature.

Daryll has worked with large, women-based companies holding both corporate executive and consultant positions and has served as President of Christie College, an international business college. Daryll was also honored to receive the renowned Dale Carnegie Highest Achiever Award.

With husband Jerry they share two sons, three daughters and their wonderful respective partners.   She also thinks she has the two most amazing 4-½ year old twin grandsons. She feels blessed to currently serve in the Relief Society.


Daryll Jonnson, Founder of LDSWA


Having been a convert to the Church, I was aware, both personally and from others, that sometimes LDS women feel they are not “fitting in!”  It became evident that even though we connect at our church meetings, for the most part, we women feel a “disconnect” with other sisters. 


Another issue we struggle with is experiencing a great deal of guilt when we take personal time away from our other commitments. It is so important for women to appreciate and understand that in order to take care of everyone and everything else, they MUST take some time out for themselves.