Meet Your Sister

We are humbled and honored to introduce you to Emilia. She is our first sister that we have been able to sponsor through our Women of Strength Foundation. Emilia lives in Nigeria where she raises her two children, a boy and a girl. The boy is currently unable to attend school due to lack of funds.

Because of a local tradition and lack of birth records, Emilia is unable to produce any documents with her exact age but Women for Women International have estimated her birth year to be 1985, making her around 23 years old.

She and her children live in a room with no electricity or water. They use a gas lamp and water from a river. She is currently working in an agricultural area. She completed primary education, but due to losing family members to war and violence, she faces the obstacles of caring for her children with a lack of education, skills and proper capital.

We thank those of you who have purchased products through The Spirit of You Collection since we launched. A percentage of everything that you buy goes toward sponsoring women like Emilia.

Every month we make sure that these women are able to develop vocational skills, improve their economic situation and gain more self confidence usually lost due to horrific and degrading circumstances. It is our long term goal to sponsor a new woman every day of the year and ask that you continue to help us in this quest by shopping with us when you are thinking of doing any holiday shopping.

We hope you will be full of gratitude for the blessings in our lives that we sometimes take for granted and remember that no matter where we are from or what background we have – we are all connected through our hearts.

Thank you again for those who have given hope to Emilia and know with your help we shall do so for many more wonderful and extraordinary women.


 Your Sister

Write to Emilia

Getting to know your sister can be one of the greatest rewards as letters and notes are an excellent source and inspiration for them. Do not underestimate the power of a little note – they do make a difference! It takes on average 3 months for your translated letters to reach Emilia.


Tell her about your life, your family, your hobbies, where you live, everyday events, birthdays, holidays, your job and ask her about her country, community and everyday life.


If you would like a note from you included in the package that is sent on behalf of the LDSWA, please email them to