Message From the Founder

Dear Sisters & Friends,

I had been working for many years, in the corporate world, and although I enjoyed what I was doing, I did not feel a great deal of satisfaction. I felt that I wanted to really do something that would help others and that I was very passionate about.  Coming from the United Kingdom, I also had a desire to find something that would allow me to interact with other LDS women across the oceans.

Having been a convert to the Church, I was aware, both personally and from others, that sometimes, LDS women feel they are not “fitting in"!  It became evident that even though we connect at our church meetings, for the most part, we women feel a “disconnect” with other sisters. It also is not always easy to find somewhere to go to socialize in a safe setting with other LDS women who share the same standards and values.  We also struggle with a great deal of guilt when we take personal time away from our other commitments. It is so important for women to appreciate and understand that in order to take care of everyone and everything else, they MUST take some time out for themselves.

I felt there had to be another way to find a deeper connection with each other and to instill in all women their values and rights to eternal blessings, no matter their course of life before finding Christ,even a place where they would feel understood and supported, a place that would give them opportunities for their voices to be heard.

I prayed about this for a long time as I wanted to ensure that any choice or decision I made which would impact my career path, definitely had to be inspired or I would not, could not do it.  In addition, I did a lot of research on the internet and talked to many women in an effort to find out “what was out there” that would meet these needs.  I could not find anything.

Then, in a quiet moment, while sweeping the floor of all things and feeling desperation because I was getting no answers, a strong impression and idea permeated my whole body and left me feeling “WOW.... where did that come from?”  Again, I prayed about it and received confirmation that this was the path I was to follow – to form a womens alliance, the LDSWA™.

I am thrilled and excited to see how far we have come.  It has been a work in progress for sometime and I am sure those of you who have been around from the beginning have wondered if it would ever get off the ground!

There is still much to do, so I ask for your continued patience as we strive to bring you new products and services.  This is an ongoing process and you will all play a part in its evolution.

I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully meeting you in person one day.



Much love,




Daryll Jonnson, Founder of LDSWA


Daryll Jonnson was an international freelance model, graduating at Colorflair Studios and Lascelles School of Deportment, Grooming and Modeling, London UK. She has conducted self-image workshops for both men, women and couples both in the United States and the United Kingdom.


Having a unique and compassionate ability in relating to people from all walks of  life, Daryll willingly and openly shares skills and tools refined through her own life experiences that enable others to unlock hidden potential and take hold of their divine nature.