Simple Escapes For Women™


 Connect, Touch and Renew


Have you ever felt how great it would be if you could escape for a simple moment to get in touch with the real Spirit of You and find peaceful places to hear the quiet whisperings of the Spirit?

As LDS women, we are truly blessed by Church programs and women’s conferences. Many of us however, desperately want a way to more fully connect with other Sisters and to have the opportunity of sharing our challenges and success’s while learning together how we can more fully come unto Christ each and every day.

We all experience busy lives with many different responsibilities as wives, mothers and daughters. We don’t take time to refill our own vessels as we often feel guilty doing so.


No more!  We deserve to escape! In doing so not only do we benefit, our family does too.


Our 1-day events focus on teaching basic principles from The Spirit of You Program™ that will fill you with inspiration, hope and encouragement.

Our 3-day retreats incorporate The Spirit of You Program™ with a focus on the total body, spirit and home.  Participants will experience a metamorphosis, going from where they currently are to an emergence of their true spirit, through attention on their image, inner spirit and an environment where they can take the necessary time to relax and connect with themselves and other women without the usual demanding daily responsibilities.



If you want to feel rejuvenated, relaxed and empowered with others wanting the same, Simple Escapes for Women™ is that place!




Comments from past attendees

  • "Very worthwhile, fun, great, new friends, revitalizing, renewing of the spirit."

  • "The Women of Strength Circle was awesome - the awakening that occurred as each sister realized that they could find freedom in taking off the ‘mask’ of pretense and perfectionism."

  • "I gained friendships and a better understanding of myself and others and our relationship to our Heavenly Father."

  • "The safety I felt at this event with these women is something that wouldn’t occur at any other type of gathering."

  • "I walked away with a feeling of connection to other women and knowing we are not alone in our struggles."